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  [...Optomess SA...], a totally private company, was founded in second half of 2000, by few former most experienced physicists, engineers, optical workers of OPTICA SA Timisoara(ROMANIA), a big and well-known state-owned company, but which could not survive to the postcomunist transition.
  For the moment, we have no more than ten very high-skilled optical workers as employees, plus the managing team, but we plan to expand quickly, as our orders and technological capacities are growing.
  [...Our experience...] enable us to tackle the design and manufacture of almost any optical components ( singlets, achromats, prisms, mirrors, filters, etc), in a wide range of dimensions, tolerances and in small or larger quantities. We're limited only by our machines and measuring instruments, which are not quite of last generation.
  [...We can...] design and produce for you optical components or even optical systems, of medium complexity and very good quality, at the lowest prices you can find on the market! The materials we use are of the best quality: Schott and Corning optical glasses, LOH diamond tools, Norton abrasives, CAD programs,etc Contact us, try us and you won't regret!
[...If you ask for more...] We dont just say, but we also do what we stand for, so in case you need something at a higher performance we can provide you with support and we have the knowledge for how to get what you ask for, at a low price.

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